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What are we?

A short video explaining what we are and are not?

Frank Field Speaks Sense in the Parliamentary Debate on Europe

Why vote for us?

Do you realise that England has been a nation for nearly 1,200 years? Did you know that English kings were made subject to the law 1,100 years ago? Did you know that England is the ONLY nation in Europe and  the Western World who are denied their own Parliament?

The English Democrats Party is the only pro-English, non-racist, anti-fascist political party in Britain. We are committed to government of the people by the people for the people. Those with power to affect our way of life must be answerable to the voters.
  1. A referendum on a Government and Parliament for an independent England.
  2. A referendum on an elected House of Lords
  3. With less to do Westminster can be reduced in size by more than 50%, so allowing us to maintain the cost of government at current levels.
  4. A referendum on remaining in the EU.
  5. We support the call for MPs to be callable for reelection by the voters in their constituency.
Voting for The English Democrats is a vote for democracy as measured by the ability of everyone to manage their political, economic, physical and cultural environments.

But this is not all we would do. Some of our other policies.
  1. We will devolve as much government expenditure as possible to the Shires and larger cities.
  2. We will cancel HS2, improve cross-country rail services in England and  high speed freight lines.
  3. We will speed up innovation, skill development and job jobs by increasing investment in business cluster development.
  4. We will put an end to mass immigration
  5. We will ensure that English tax receipts are spent in England, not in enhancing the lifestyle of others.
  6. Companies that wish to employ immigrant workers may provided that there is no one local who can do the job, provided that they have for the past 5 years carried out appropriate levels of training and apprenticeships and provided they have collaborated with local schools and colleges.
  7. We will introduce industrial policies to protect key companies from foreign takeover.
  8. We will introduce family friendly policies including  transferable tax allowances between spouses.
  9. We will bring an end to fees for higher education
If any of this interests you why not browse the pages on our web site to get a better idea of our values and policies.
If we are to get England back then your vote for the English Democrats at the next election is important. Better still join us and contribute in any way you feel able.
In an attempt to do something about this situation WILL YOU HELP US?

English Democrats
– the respectable English Party that decent, thinking, people can support!

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  2. Charles

    Hi Julie
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    Food for thought, (at least the bits I could make out easily). I am afflicted with color blindness (protanopia to be exact). I mainly use Opera browser (no idea if that is important), and much of your site is a bit of a strain on my eyes. I know that it is not your problem really, nevertheless it would be cool if you would bear in mind color blind surfers when undertaking the next site design.

  4. Dave

    You have my vote on the big day. Fantastic party with family values and common sense approach to do the right things for English people. I didn’t know people in Scotland and Wales get free presriptions until I watched your party broadcast last night. Surely that is just not right!!!

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