Our Policies

Our policies for Hertfordshire are based on those in our Manifesto.

Additional Cash for the English

The total savings to England from replacing the Barnett formula used to fund Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland with a needs based formula, scrapping regional government in England and leaving the EU amounts to between £470 and £840 a head (the difference depends on which savings figure for leaving the EU is chosen) or an increase of between 6% or 11% in England. This is a significant amount worth on average between £42 million and £76 million for a constituency of 90,000, or so, inhabitants like Broxbourne or Stevenage.

Quality of Life in Hertfordshire

The English Democrats in Hertfordshire will fight to improve the quality of life of the people of Hertfordshire. Our policies will be key in doing this.

Because we will scrap Regional Government in England so we can ensure the Green Belt is a precious resource for the farmers and people of Hertfordshire both present, and in the centuries to come. Building will not be approved on it nor should other authorities be able to build their houses on Hertfordshire land, nor should building be allowed on flood plains or when infrastructure spend is not available.

Leisure facilities, school playing grounds and similar facilities are vital for the health and well being of all the people of Hertfordshire of any age. Because we will be giving control over these decisions to an English Parliament and giving more power to local people they can decide if these facilities should not be closed nor sold if that would be to the detriment of local people.

Planning & Continuity of Public Services

Many people in Hertfordshire rely on the train and bus services to get them to work. These include nurses, retail assistants, clerks, lawyers, teachers and businessmen, amongst others. It is vital for the economy and well being of the people of Hertfordshire that transport services are provided according to the timetable. The English Democrats want a one-nation economy for England based on Respect, Equality and Fairness (the REF!) with a more equal balance of power between different parts of the English society. To ensure this ethos we want a greater local involvement in planning transport services and in addition public services that are required on a 7-day a week service to work to a contract requiring their staff to provide the service on the basis of shifts or reasonable overtime. Such contracts should last for three years and there should be no strikes allowed during the period of the contract. All complaints by staff under the contract should have to be passed through for compulsory arbitration with its decisions binding on all parties.

An End to Mass Immigration

Mass immigration has introduced inequalities amongst the local population with regard to employment and housing. We will stop mass immigration from outside the and from EU countries where the individual has not been resident for 10 years. this later provision will stop the growing practice of other EU countries of granting passports to immigrants so they can get around our immigration laws and enter England at will. Eventually leaving the EU will mean a total of over four million immigrants from all sources can be processed according to our policies. Whilst many existing immigrants will be able to stay for a limited time on a fixed term work permits the reduction in numbers will improve hosing and employment opportunities for our local population.

Jobs, Manufacturing and Key Inustry Protection

Our industrial policy states that Society should not be expected to subvert democratic and cultural institutions in order to meet the needs of trade and industry. We support manufacturing in high technology industries, as part of a modern, prosperous economy, rather than encouraging low-tech, low-pay work in services, useful though these may be in creating a flexible labour market. And we intend to support key strategic industries rather than giving them away to the highest bidder.

Multiple Cultures and Multi-culturalism

The English democrats believe in and celebrate multiple cultures, but do not believe in multi-culturalism. The public culture of England will be English. It will consist of the values, laws, customs and language of the English. Our concern is to protect and build on what is left of English cultural and social cohesion, something that is shared by all those who are born and brought up in England.

Political Correctness

The English Democrats share the public’s concern over the harm caused to our society by political correctness. The English Democrats will take whatever steps are necessary to remove political correctness from both national and local government and industry. The days where certain job & training opportunities are open to all ethnic and national groups (including the Welsh, Irish and Scots) but not the white English, will be over.

The Cost of Governement

The English Democrats intend to control the cost of government by making the house of Lords an elected chamber. We will limit the number of members of the House of Commons and the new elected House of Lords in line with their reduced responsibilities following the establishment of an English Parliament. People need have no concern that the total cost of government will increase, It will not! The USA has a total of 543 Senators and Congressmen for a population of around 360 million. The UK with a population of just over 60 million would have difficulty in justifying more than 300 in the House of Commons and the House of Lords, a reduction in cost of perhaps more than £100 million! Members salaries and expenses will be tightly controlled and reularly published.