Local Authority Petition Organisers

Below are links to an information page on your Council as well as the contact details of our petition organiser in your area. Where we have it we have also given an approximate guide to the number of signatures required.

If you would like to be involved please contact an organiser and download the petition sheet for your local authority from our downloads page. Your organiser will let you know which streets have not been visited. The signatures you collect for your local authority do not count towards the County Council petition so please also download the county council petition and collect signatures on that at the same time.

We have a number of FREE resources and guides on our downloads page so please free to download those.

If there is no organiser for your local authority area and you would like to do that please contact us using the “Contact Us” page.

Broxbourne Borough Council                           3,477

Dacorum Borough Council

East Herts. District Councilxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 5,191

Petition Organiser: Debbie Lemay.  Email: debbielemay@engdem.org. Tel: 07743 034780

Hertfordshire County Council

Petition Organiser: Charles Vickers. Email: charles@hertsengdem.org. Tel: 07504 603504

Hertsmere Borough Council xxxxxxxxxxxxx3,634

North Hertfordshire District Councilx xxxxl4,821

Petition Organiser: Charles Vickers. Email: charles@hertsengdem.org. Tel: 07504 603504

St Albans District Council xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx5,212

Stevenage Borough Council xxxxxxxxxxxxxl3,989

Three Rivers District Council xxxxxxxxxx xl3,293

Welwyn Hatfield District Councilxxxxxxx xl3,906

Petition Organiser: Christopher McBride Email: christopherdavidmcbride@yahoo.co.uk  Tel: 0753 8401739