Funding Our Campaigns

Achieving our aims means carrying out political campaigns and elections.

Elections are expensive matters for the smaller political parties where candidates are responsible for funding their own expenses.  For example the deposit for a parliamentary election is £500 which is only returnable if the candidate polls 5% of the vote. Printing and having delivered 10,000 leaflets in a local authority election could cost over £300.00.  Printing and addressing a leaflets for each voter (as opposed to each address – a block of flats counts as one address) in a constituency with 90,000 voters for the one free leaflet delivery that a candidate is allowed could cost up to £1,500.

To this we need funding.  You can do this online.


There are three ways of doing this and we encourage you to do as many of these as you can.

  1. The first method costs you nothing but could add £20 a year per person to our funds! This amazing feat is accomplished by a service called Easyfundraising. To find out more go to the Easyfundraising page.
  2. You can donate using Paypal on this site or by using your Visa or Master Card 
  3. You can become a member. Single membership is £30 a year and there are concessions of £15.

Thank you very much. If you would like to do more you can learn more here.

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