Easyfundraising – EDSC

Probably few of us are aware but, when browsing the web, if we click on a link to take us to a retailer like Amazon, the owners of the web site on which we clicked will get a percentage of the value of any purchase that we make. That money is part of the marketing budget of the retailer – in this case Amazon.

Easyfundraising is a company that takes advantage of this. If you visit an online retailer via a link that comes from Easyfundraising they will receive the percentage and will pass a part of this on to us. This is made easier through the easyfundraising buttons and tool bar that you can add to your browser. These create the required link for you.

The poster below gives information on how to sign up on easyfundraising.org. The link in the poster is:  easyfundraising.org.uk/causes/englishdemocratsupportersclub2/EasyFundRasingJoin