University Fees

This is a video from the London Mayoral elections that has a humorous take on what is a serious inequality for English Students.

Why should English Students Pay for their University Education

The English Democrats will remove fees for English students at English Universities.

England United

Just a reminder about the English Democrats ‘one Nation’ approach to us, the People of England.

Englan United – Priceless (Don’t Lose it)

One Parliamentary Candidates love of and concern for England.

A nice video combining an interview with Frank Roseman and footage of him out with the Battle Wagon.

Out on the election trail with Frank

The Union

The English Democrats are not against the Union of 1707 that brought the People of the Four Nations together. This is a wry look at the question that makes the point that although the United Kingdom may bring many benefits to the people, fairness is not one of them.

Part of the Union

How has it come about?

Today 17% of the population of the UK have 75% of the democracy. This video shows why it came about. It really does make us English look foolish and make English MPs look like idiots.

Scottish Claim of Right

Only the English would vote for someone to govern us who had sworn an oath to put the interests of another country first – every time!

Remember Darling showing his concern that the  lay-off of Scottish bank workers should not occur but no such concern for English bank workers. Who will the bank bosses follow? The man who is going to make key decisions about them or the English workers?

An English Parliament

The arguments put by TV critic Gary Bushel. At his Bio describes him as:

“Garry Bushell is Britain’s best known telly critic, loved, feared and hated in equal measure because of his hard-hitting views and killer one-liners. Garry is also deeply associated with British youth cults, rock, punk and Ska bands. He has written two gripping crime novels, discovered new talent by the bucket-load, managed bands, championed working class comics and notched up a Number One hit. Clearly, there’s a lot of light hidden under the tabloid Bushell…”

Why we need an English Parliament

Of course if you devolve matters to an English Parliament then Westminster is now responsible only for around 20% or so of the total government spend. As such it need only be around a quarter of its current size, split between the reformed House of Commons and an elected House of Lords. The cost saving is likely to be much more than the annual running costs of an English Parliament.

And for once we English will be able to decide if MPs have a second job, hold the ministr for health, education, transport or Justice to account and have a proper devolved government and first minster as Scotland does, and Wales should have.