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Increasing Funds for the National Party

Fundraising for the local party is well established as the part of party activities. National party funds have traditionally come from membership subscriptions and donations from individual members. As time passes members pass into the age at which the concessionary subscription starts and sadly pass on.

Because of this our national income is dropping and currently subscriptions fall short of needs by £15,000 to £20,000 a year. To us this is a significant and increasing amount and is exceeding the rate at which personal donations are available.

So we need to set our minds to systematically increasing our income from all sources on a continuous basis. We currently need to increase our income by £20,000 a year. If we wish to increase our political profile through national activities such as party political broadcasts, direct mail and other marketing activities, this will require another £20,000 a year.

Our target is therefore an additional £40,000 of annual income. How can we raise this money?

  1. Increasing membership.
  2. National Fundraising activities.
  3. Legacies
  4. Other


Our average annual subscription is less than £20 so that we cannot rely on increasing membership to raise more than around £15,000 a year. The National Council will be asked to agree targets by region for membership increases.


Legacies are by their nature uncertain. Could those who wish to leave a legacy please email the chairman at chairman@engdem.org.

National Fundraising Activities

And so we need to raise £25,000 through national fundraising activities.

We are starting with two initiatives – one of which will cost members nothing (that’s correct £0!) and the other will give members a chance to win a monetary prize while contributing to party funds. Each of these has the potential to add around £10,000 to our income.

They both rely on large numbers of people making a small effort to each raise a small amount which all together will raise large amounts. I ask that all members join both. They are:

  1. Easyfundraising

This site allows us to raise funds at NO cost to the fundraiser! Remarkable as it seems it is true.

We have been doing this in Hertfordshire for some years and so we know that those who do online shopping, particularly for large value items like holidays, can raise £20 – £30 a year.

If 500 members were to sign up with our supporters club we could raise at least £10,000 a year.

For more information Click Here

  1. The ‘500’ Club

Many of you will be familiar with this form of private lottery. Members and non-members may purchase (or more formally “subscribe to”) one or more shares and will become Accredited Supporters of the English Democrats Supporters Club. Each share has a unique number that is entered into the monthly prize draw. The prizes available will depend on the number of lottery shares purchased and we require minimum purchases of 21 shares to go ahead.

For more information and forms Click Here.

  1. Other

If anyone has any other suggestions for fundraising for the national party please email me at treasurer@engdem.org

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500 Club