2015 General Election – Stevenage

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If England got equivalent funding with Scotland that is what Stevenage could  get!


English Taxpayers Fund each Scot at £1600 per Year even though Scotland is the third wealthiest region in the UK.

  • England has ten times the population so an equivalent amount would be £160 a head. For  Stevenage  this is equal to £13.6 million a year;
  • or £68 million over a five year parliament;
  • This is a lot BUT if Stevenage were in Scotland it would be £680 million!

Scotland of course has its own parliament, government and first minister to fight its corner. In democratic terms these are the big guns.

  • the SNP have said that their MPs in Westminster will drive their case forward;
  • Plaid Cymru in Wales agree that the English should get less than everyone else;
  • Northern Ireland have been refusing to implement the austerity cuts.

They all expect the English to pay, without limit, for their own comfort and ease.

In 2014 before the vote in the Scottish Independence campaign David Cameron stole £600 million of EU refunds that were going to Yorkshire and Humberside and gave it to the Scotland. Despite the fact that their  constituencies are in Yorkshire, Ed Milliband and Nick Clegg did nothing.

Lister Hospital 1

Without its own devolved parliament, government and first minister England cannot protect its public services from the raids that will be made on them in the next five years.

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The English Democrats would create such an English Parliament and would fund regions based on population and social need in a fair and equal manner.

Where is NHS England? 

English Democrats will:ProtectNHSEngland

  1. Increase training to provide the staff we need;
  2. Ensure funding is fair for England;
  3. Support effective care inspections;
  4. Reduce the £3bn spent on medical errors;
  5. Stop creeping privatisation.

Jobs and Growth

ManufacturingGearsSustainable economic growth ensures jobs and public services. The major parties believe that low wage immigration is essential for that growth. We disagree!

The English Democrats will increase growth  by:

  • Devolving government expenditure to Shires and larger cities;
  • Encouraging business clusters;
  • Scrapping HS2 and replacing it with a high-speed rail freight service, more cross- country rail routes such as the East coast to Cambridge, Oxford and Bristol;
  • Restricting licenses to employ immigrant workers to those companies who have over the past 5 years actively provided apprenticeships and training;
  • Only allowing foreign takeovers when it is in England’s interest

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Immigration’s Triple Sweet Spot

The English Democrats are in favour of immigration provided it hits the Immigration Triple Sweet Spot:

  1. There must be jobs available – living rough is not acceptable;
  2. The immigrant must make a positive contribution  to  England, no  criminality, have well-paid jobs and no benefits;
  3. Contribute to making life better for those who live in England. No taking people’s jobs.


Numerous studies have shown Multiculturalism has caused more problems than it has solved. We would ban it along with political correctness.

The  Government  Deficit. 

Standard economic policy calls for government borrowing to cover a deficit in the revenue budget that occurs during a recession because tax revenues have fallen and welfare costs have risen due to higher unemployment.

This is a “good” deficit and government costs would not normally be cut.

During the growth phase that follows tax revenues rise, welfare costs drop and the government runs a surplus to pay off the debt incurred during the recession.

If the government runs a deficit during the growth phase then the difference between the deficit and the surplus they should have run is called a “structural deficit”.

The Guardian

The Guardian

Governments that run structural deficits have to keep on borrowing until a point is reached at which people will no longer lend to it. At this point the country is insolvent and massive cuts – much larger than the original structural deficit – have to be made. Gordon Brown ran a structural deficit of £93 million according to my calculations at the time.

A structural deficit is bad and excess government costs must be cut.

The English Democrats understand that the country needs to live within its means. We are committed to sensible economic policies that aim  to achieve that balance between income and expenditure.

Education Policy

The English Democrats support an education policy that:

  • Provides cutting edge education for all our young people;
  • Allows for continuing education to equip the modern workforce;
  • Stops education being a political football or experiment.


The English Democrats believe that three constitutional questions need to be answered by the people of England:

  1. Leaving the EU;
  2. Independence for England;
  3. Abolition/reform of the House of Lords.

What’s in it for Stevenage

More money to Stevenage and considerably more to Hertfordshire through the devolution of expenditure programme.

CJVPhoto360x300Charles Vickers. Your English Democrat Candidate for Stevenage.

I have worked and lived for 42 years in Hertfordshire, ten of them in Stevenage. I have been married for over 40 years and we have three grown up boys all of whom went to Hertfordshire comprehensives. For the past 30 years we have lived in Letchworth. I am not a professional politician. I got upset with the state of England and determined to try to do something about it.

Why Vote for Me

Voting for me would give Stevenage and England a passionate voice not just in parliament but on the media.

No party is going to get a majority so in 2015 so you have the luxury of putting a voice fighting only for England into Parliament. Please use it!


Promoted and published by Charles Vickers of 23 Norton Way North, Herts. SG6 1BX

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