The Conservative Home Secretary declared:-

"I am going to curtail alien immigration and deport undesirables; we do not want to flood England with the alien refuse of the world. I regard aliens who live in their own communities, marry within them, and speak their own language, as unsuitable to be British residents.".

You might think that was a startling change from the usual mealy mouthed multi-culturalism and political correctness of our Home Secretary, but then that is a direct quotation from a predecessor of hers:- the Conservative Home Secretary, Sir William Joynson-Hicks, Bt. Conservative Home Secretary, 1924)!

Of course in those days Conservative Home Secretaries were proper Conservatives and were also patriots who would be revolted by the current Home Secretary’s unpatriotic support for foreigners ruling over us through the EU!

Sir William Joynson-Hicks would also undoubtedly be revolted by the current Government’s recent announcements about the racial divide to which you can find here >>> Prime Minister orders government audit to tackle racial disparities in public service outcomes - GOV.UK


This has been done with the intention, no doubt, of enforcing yet more vigorously the failing UK State policy of multi-culturalism.

Our inept Prime Minister claims to be a Conservative. This is however the woman who told the House of Commons on its introduction by Labour’s Harriet Harman, that she welcomed the Equality Act but thought that bad thing about the Equality Act is that it didn’t go further!

Mrs May said:- “The Government I lead will stand up for you and your family against injustice and inequality. Today I am launching an audit to look into racial disparities in our public services that stretches right across government. This audit will reveal difficult truths, but we should not be apologetic about shining a light on injustices as never before.”

Such is the lack of “joined up thinking” within her Government that Theresa May and her Community’s Minister, Savid Javid may have missed the fact that they have destroyed the oft repeated multi-culturalist claim that “mass immigration boosts the economy”.

What her Government has released now is incontrovertable evidence that, far from boosting the economy, mass immigration has given rise to a vast additional swathe of claimants on our benefits system which the rest of us are required to work to pay for.

As a result of these claims all our benefits from the welfare system including the right to claim a pension must be reduced to free the necessary reserves of money to pay for indigent immigrants!

Are you happy about this?